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Tooling with Shell Scripts

Autoproj contains an “autoproj query” command that allows you to write shell scripts to automate certain tasks. This page will explain the query structures, and show some examples of what can be done with it.

autoproj query takes as argument a number of criteria as to what packages is of interest to you, and allows you to output information about these packages.

The two sides of autoproj query are:

  • the query itself: how can you specify which packages to return
  • the output formatting: what information can be extracted from autoproj and displayed in the result

Query Syntax

The general query syntax is


The F=V notation means that the package’s F must match V exactly. The F~V notation means that F can be a partial match for V.

A field will match “partially” if:

  • the expected value can be found anywhere in the package field. The match is done in a case-insensitive way. I.e. xsens would match both drivers/xsens_imu and drivers/orogen/xsens_imu
  • if the expected value contains ‘/’ (directory marker), the package matches the following regular expression: el\w+/el2\w+/el3\w+. I.e., d/o/xsens would match drivers/orogen/xsens_imu

The matches are combined with an AND, i.e. a package must match all of them to be returned.

Finally, by default, autoproj query will only consider packages that are selected in the manifest. If you mean to match all defined packages, use the --search-all option.

Query Fields

The following fields are available for query:

  • the package name
  • autobuild.srcdir: the package source directory
  • the package class
  • vcs.type: the VCS type (as used in the source.yml files)
  • vcs.url: the URL from the VCS. The exact semantic of it depends on the VCS type
  • the name of the package set that defines the package

Some fields have shortcuts:

  • ‘name’ can be used instead of ‘’
  • ‘class’ can be used instead of ‘’
  • ‘vcs’ can be used instead of ‘vcs.url’
  • ‘package_set’ can be used instead of ‘’

Output Formatting

By default, autoproj query will output the package names. This can be customized with the --format option.

--format takes a string that can contain a number of $VAR fields. The following fields are available for expansion:

  • NAME: the package name
  • SRCDIR: the package source directory
  • PREFIX: the package prefix
  • SCORE: the match score for this package. See the API documentation of Autoproj::Query#match for possible values.


Running “git gc” on every git package in the autoproj installation:

commands=`autoproj query --format='git --git-dir=$SRCDIR/.git gc' vcs.type=git`
bash -c "$commands"

Tagging all packages from the imoby package set to a certain tag, and push it:

for dir in `autoproj query '--format=$SRCDIR' vcs.type=git:package_set=imoby`; do
  git --git-dir=$dir/.git tag $NEWTAG
  git --git-dir=$dir/.git push