the Robot Construction Kit

How to Contribute?

There are multiple ways to contribute to Rock

First and foremost, you can report bugs on the Trac interface, send comments and suggest enhancements (both positive and negative ones) to the rock-users mailing lists.

One thing that is always in need of contribution is documentation: create new pages on the Rock trac or update the Rock reference documentation on the Rock website.

More advanced users can contribute bugfixes and enhancements to the main Rock codebase, by either sending patches to the rock-users mailing list or using github cloning and pull request functionality. We also welcome you to publish packages and tell us about them so that they become part of the Rock package directory.

There is a regular rock-developer video chat where the most importand topics for are dicussed. Feel free to join even for listening the video chat. The scedule can be take from this calendar, to join the chat follow this link.