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Bootstrapping Autoproj

“Bootstrapping” means getting, building and installing autoproj before it can be used. The canonical way is the following:

  1. Install Ruby by yourself. On Debian or Ubuntu, this is done with done with

     sudo apt-get install wget ruby
  2. Download this script in the directory where you want to create an autoproj installation. This can be done with

    After this, the help function is availabe:

     ruby autoproj_bootstrap --help

There two options how to go on:

  1. Install autoproj only:

     ruby autoproj_bootstrap
  2. Install with an existing configuration from a Version Control System:

     ruby autoproj_bootstrap VCSTYPE URL

    Where VCSTYPE is one of: git,git-lfs,svn,cvs,hg,darcs,archive (tar, tgz, etc.).

When Running this: follow the instructions printed by the script


In the second example above, a reference to a source code repository is given, in which an autoproj configuration is stored (i.e. a directory in which a manifest is present), you can bootstrap this configuration directly:

For instance, to build all packages made available by the Rock project, do

ruby autoproj_bootstrap git

Additional options can be given for the version control system. For instance,

ruby autoproj_bootstrap git branch=test