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Bootstrapping Autoproj

“Bootstrapping” means getting, building and installing autoproj before it can be used. The canonical way is the following:

  1. Install Ruby by yourself. On Debian or Ubuntu, this is done with done with

     sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev wget build-essential
  2. Download this script in the directory where you want to create an autoproj installation. This can be done with

    After this, the help function is availabe:

     ruby autoproj_bootstrap --help

There two options how to go on:

  1. Install autoproj only:

     ruby autoproj_bootstrap
  2. Install with an existing configuration from a Version Control System:

     ruby autoproj_bootstrap VCSTYPE URL

    Where VCSTYPE is one of: git,git-lfs,svn,cvs,hg,darcs,archive (tar, tgz, etc.).

When Running this: follow the instructions printed by the script


In the second example above, a reference to a source code repository is given, in which an autoproj configuration is stored (i.e. a directory in which a manifest is present), you can bootstrap this configuration directly:

For instance, to build all packages made available by the Rock project, do

ruby autoproj_bootstrap git

Additional options can be given for the version control system. For instance,

ruby autoproj_bootstrap git branch=test