the Robot Construction Kit

Sending Your Changes


This page covers how to send modifications to code and documentation to the Rock developers, assuming that you did not get a direct commit access to the packages you modify.

The Rock repositories have been moved from gitorious to github - they can now be found here:

The other pages in this Contributing section cover the other aspects: how the documentation is done, how to create new packages, …

The main part of this page will deal with how to use github to submit changes to the Rock codebase and documentation.

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Create your own working copy of a Rock repository,
  • configure your Rock installation accordingly and
  • create pull requests.

Create your own working copy

To create your own working copy of one of the Rock repositories, fork the rock-core repository - this is done as follows:

Go to the rock-core repository on github - for example Click “fork” to create your own working copy of the repository - the corresponding URL will be

Configure your Rock installation

As you are now working on your own forked version of the rock-core repository, you need to configure your Rock installation accordingly.

First “cd” into your repository and add a new remote:

git remote add your_name

Then, “cd” into your dev/autoproj/ folder and update the file overrides.yml as follows:

  - your_repository:
    branch: master

From now on, changes you make to your repository are pushed to the respective branch of your forked repository.

Create pull requests

Once you have changed some of the code, tested the result and want to commit your changes to the corresponding rock-core repository, you need to create a pull request. The standard procedure is as follows:

  • Go to your forked repository on github.
  • Click Pull Requests.
  • Click New pull request.
  • You will now see see the changes you committed to your forked repository and which are not yet in the corresponding rock-core repository.
  • Click Create pull request.
  • You should give your pull request a meaningful name and enter a comment, so that the people checking your pull request easily understand what changes you made.
  • Click Create pull request. A mail will be sent out to notify the core developers. Any comments on the request will alert you back via e-mail as well.