the Robot Construction Kit


All the code needed to bridge ROS and Rock is included in a separate package set. To enable it, you will need to:

  • have a working ROS installation. The only supported distributions are groovy and later. Unfortunately, the catkin build system changed too much between fuerte and groovy to allow us to support fuerte.
  • be in an autoproj-based Rock installation

In your autoproj manifest (autoproj/manifest) the package_sets section should contain (at least) the following:

 - github: rock-core/package_set
 - gitorious: rock-ros/package_set

Back in the autoproj manifest (autoproj/manifest) add the following to the layout section:

 - rock.ros

Now, update and build. This is going to rebuild the oroGen packages as needed

aup --all
amake --all