the Robot Construction Kit

Bundles in Rock

Bundles in Rock are collections of all files needed to run a particular robot system.

In practice, bundles are Rock packages and they - most importantly - contain the following:

  • ruby scripts (to run sets of components) - contained in the scripts/ folder
  • configuration files for oroGen tasks - contained in the config/orogen/ folder
  • log files - contained in the logs/ folder
  • ‚Ķ

See the wiki for more information on bundles.

Creating the bundle

The name of the bundle will be the basename of the directory created. Bundles cannot created anywhere, use the acd command to change in the root-directory of the Rock-Installation and then enter the bundles directory. Creating bundles is possible in all directories named in the environment variable $ROCK_BUNDLE_PATH.

cd bundles
rock-create-bundle my_new_bundle_name

The name of your bundle should, for logical reasons, equal the name of your robot. Afterwards, you must tell Rock that this is the bundle you are currently working on:

rock-bundle-default my_new_bundle_name