the Robot Construction Kit

Task Inheritance

oroGen understands inheritance between tasks. That means, it is possible to make the task context inherit from each other, and have the other oroGen features play well. It also works in a cross project fashion.

A base class is defined with

task_context "SubTask" do
    subclasses "Task"

When inheriting between task contexts, the following constraints will apply:

  • it is not possible to add a task interface object (port, property, …) that has the same name than one defined by the parent model.
  • if the parent task is flagged as needing configuration, then the subclass also does.
  • if extended states are defined, the child class shared them.

Finally, “abstract task models”, i.e. task models that are used as a base for others, but which it would be meaningless to deploy since they don’t have any functionality can be marked as abstract with

task_context "SubTask" do