the Robot Construction Kit


Running components using Ruby

Rock includes the orocos.rb library, which allows you to control Orocos/RTT components from Ruby, i.e. to set them up, start/stop and monitor them.

This documentation assumes that you have a basic knowledge of what the Orocos/RTT is, and about the Orocos/RTT component model. If you do not, then you can find information in the documentation of the oroGen component generator and the Orocos/RTT itself.

While the orocos.rb bindings do not require you to use the oroGen code generator, some functionality will not be available if you don’t. Moreover, orocos.rb uses the CORBA interface to the modules, so you need your deployments to use CORBA (this is the default in oroGen).

The next page is a step-by-step on the basics of how to start modules, set them up, build the communication network and stop everything. Then, the rest of the guide will present all the available functionality in more details.


The main Rock tutorials are a great introduction to the subject of running components using Ruby. Check them out !