the Robot Construction Kit


As for ports, properties are accessed with task#property_name and task#property_name=. For instance, the “port” property of the hokuyo task is read with

task = Orocos.name_service.get 'hokuyo'
puts task.port

and written with

task = Orocos.name_service.get 'hokuyo'
task.port = "/dev/ttyACM0"

A VERY important note is that the value returned by reading a property is a copy of the property’s value. In practice, it means that, for structures,

task.config.value = 10

will change the field “value” of the copy of the property to 10. Not the property itself. (Note using a property in this manner will soon be forbidden)

The preferred way to update complex properties in Ruby is to use a block form

task.config do |p|
  p.value = 10