the Robot Construction Kit

Add build system to git

Pick a git hosting method and create a new project, containing two repositories. One of them is usually named buildconf.git - it is for your the main autoproj configuration. The other one should be named package_set.git - it describes the software collection of packages used in your project. Push your build system’s current autoproj folder to buildconf.git on your git hoster.

To get a feeling have a look at rock-cores buildconf and a rock-package_set

In the main folder of your new build system (acd your_project_name), do:

autoproj switch-config git@your_git_hoster:your_project/buildconf.git

To add the package set to git version control, first create an empty package_set folder. Create a source.yml file and edit the first line as follows:

name: your project name

Then do:

git init
touch libs.autobuild
touch orogen.autobuild
touch deps.osdeps
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git push git@your_git_hoster:your_project/package_set.git HEAD:master

Choose the packages you need for your bundle and update the autoproj/manifest file accordingly. For more information about how to install packages, have a look here.

In short, the desired packages need to be added to the layout section of your autoproj/manifest file, for example - for a Hokuyo laser scanner:

  - drivers/hokuyo

Make sure that the corresponding package set is also declared in your autoproj/manifest file. For the a.-m. example, it is:

  - github: rock-core/package_set

Call aup –all to install the declared packages.