Publishing the Bundle

In order to publish our bundle, sharing it with e.g. our coworkers, we actually have to do a few things:

  1. Create a manifest.xml with the following contents:

        <description brief="Syskit Tutorial Bundle from 'Rock and Syskit'">
        <depend package="bundles/common_models" />
        <depend package="simulation/rock_gazebo" />
        <depend package="control/orogen/cart_ctrl_wdls" />
        <depend package="control/orogen/robot_frames" />
  2. You will obviously need to put the code somewhere. Let's assume it will end up on GitHub. The repository naming convention is to separate the folder names with dashes, so in this case, the repo would be named bundles-syskit_basics. Let's use the rock-core organization as an example.

    Turn first the bundles/syskit_basics folder into a git repository, and add the files we have created with:

    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "Initial commit - Finished the Basics tutorial"

    Then create the repository and push to it (replacing the URL with your repository URL):

    git push master
  3. Create your own Autoproj project, on top of which you will be able to expand your developments. This is described in the Starting A New Project section in the Workspace and Packages chapter. Read this chapter, and apply it here.

    Make sure you added the newly created package set to both the package_sets and the layout, as the "Starting a new project' section instructed you to.

  4. Finally, add the bundle to your newly create package set. Edit the packages.autobuild file and add

    bundle_package "bundles/syskit_basics"

    And add a corresponding entry in the package set's source.yml, which would look like

    - bundles/syskit_basics:
      github: rock-core/bundles-syskit_basics

    Check that things resolve properly with autoproj show syskit_basics and do a aup -n syskit_basics to verify that the repository is properly setup.

  5. Because the bundle is part of the package set, and because the bundle depends on the control/orogen/cart_ctrl_wdls and control/orogen/robot_frames packages, they should not be listed anymore within the workspace manifest. Removes them from autoproj/manifest.

    The general best practice is to basically ensure that your projects packages depend on what they need, and then either depend on the whole package set (common on developer machines), or on specific packages. The latter is usually the bundle, which happens on the robot machines themselves.

  6. Publish the changes from your package set and main build configuration.

Let's finally go to the section's recap