Live Data Visualization

When debugging a system's behavior, one has the obvious need to look at the component's output, possibly through dedicated widgets that allow to understand complex representations such as e.g. a quaternion.

We of course have the means to do so within a Syskit system. Generic live data visualization is accessed within the Syskit IDE as shown on the video below. Rock provides diverse widgets, some generic (e.g. plotting), some specialized for certain data types (e.g. the OrientationView dedicated to quaternions).

Tip: clicking on a job on the leftmost pane of the IDE restricts the list of tasks on the right to the tasks that are needed by the job. Click on the top part (the one showing a time) to show all components used by the system.

Tip: An opened visualization widget will rebind to the data stream it visualizes if the corresponding component is restarted. Because of this, one usually does not need to close and re-open widgets across Syskit restarts or across the start and stop of jobs.

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