Common issues and how to troubleshoot them

Deleted the install/ folder, now I can't rebuild !

Fix: open a new terminal without loading the script, cd into the root of the workspace and run

.autoproj/bin/autoproj osdeps

Explanation: the install/ folder contains all the non-OS dependencies (e.g. RubyGems, pip, …). You need to reinstall them before you can successfully rebuild

A package is always rebuilt, regardless of whether it is needed or not

Autoproj determines whether a package needs to be rebuilt by looking at the newest file in the package's source tree. It has a built-in ignore set of patterns to avoid rebuilding for e.g. changes in Git configuration, but sometimes packages modify files in their source tree for which Autoproj does not have an exclude.

You can troubleshoot this by building the offending package with --debug:

amake planning/omplapp --debug

In the generated output, look for a line that looks like:

getting tree timestamp for /home/doudou/dev/squidbot/planning/omplapp

and then the nearest line afterwards that looks like:

newest file: /home/doudou/dev/squidbot/planning/omplapp/src/omplapp/config.h at 2019-01-30 15:48:15 -0200

That's the offending file. It's now up to you to decide whether the best is changing the package's build system to avoid doing this, or to add an exception in the package's autobuild definition with

cmake_package 'planning/omplapp' do |pkg|
    pkg.source_tree_excludes << File.join(pkg.srcdir, 'src', 'omplapp', 'config.h')