• Syskit maintains the set of jobs or missions, that is the set of goals that the system has the intent to reach. They can represent a function that should run, or – as we will see later – a goal to achieve.
  • Components are related to each other by the task structure.
  • Syskit has assumptions about how components should be implemented. We'll recollect those when we get to how to implement components
  • Components are configured and started "when possible" by the scheduler
  • Components are transparently reconfigured when needed.
  • Components that are not useful to the goals are automatically stopped by Syskit's garbage collection mechanism
  • The task structure also defines constraints between the components. Failure to meet these constraints is what Syskit interprets as errors

Between this part and the Basics, we've covered most of the basics aspects of running a Syskit system. The rest of the subjects covered in this documentation can be seen more as a need-to-know basis. See how to read this documentation.